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Handcrafted Venetian Glass Jewellery

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Handcrafted Venetian Glass Jewellery

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Handcrafted Venetian Glass Jewellery

We've made it our mission to make colourful, stylish jewellery which is visibly different. We combine Murano glass, blowtorches (and lots of practice) to make pieces which are distinctive - and fun to wear. 

Fabulous and Flexible, just look at this Silver Cobalt Necklace
Stop right there. Look at ths wonderful gift!
Casual or fomal, perfect the whole year round
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The Back Office:

Inspiration plus perspiration

Every bead and ring is individually made using a blowtorch to melt rods of Venetian glass.

Where to find us

Studio 223, Craft Central at the Forge
397 Westferry Road
London E14 3AE

Visits by appointment. Please email or call to fix

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