About us

We are Silvia and Philip Crawford. We use Venetian glass to make jewellery and blown objects in our workshop in London. We take glass rods from Murano, Italy and we use blowtorches to make beads and rings individually, by hand and then turn them into jewellery or pieces for the home.

Scroll down for a brief video, put together by our friends at Media Crews https://media-crews.co.uk/ .

We hope you like what we produce. We are happy to adapt what we make to your needs. If you see something you like the look of, why not drop us a note and we will discuss how we can help.

Email us: info@silphi.co.uk

Twitter: @silphiglass

Instagram: @silphiglass  Our R&D: @silphistudio

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WhatsApp: 447484724875

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 This is Silvia and Philip Crawford's card. Their email is info@silphi.co.uk. Their phone number is +44 7484 724875.